Flat Rate Monthly Managed IT Services

Taking the complexity out of IT support

What is Flat Rate Managed IT?

You’ve probably heard the buzz around “Managed IT,” and depending on whether you employ an IT staff or you are working with an IT company, you may or may not like the way that sounds.

Many companies have been managing their own Information Technology (IT), so why on earth would they want someone else to do it?

If you are new to the complexities of today’s IT, you may be thinking, “I need the support of a well-seasoned team to help me to manage IT in a way that will take my business forward.”

Managed IT is when a reliable, managed services provider (MSP) takes on some or all of your IT operations. Based on some sound advice, you can decide on the management level and the set of services in which support is needed.

What IT Services Do Managed Services Providers Offer?

Managed Service Providers support businesses for IT systems, real-time monitoring, and problem resolution. These support areas include almost every aspect of your IT infrastructure, as needed. For example, you may need someone to manage your data backups, but you have someone onsite that provides email communications support.

We love to manage IT for small and medium-sized companies, but there are a ton of questions we need answers to before we can recommend which services would be best managed for you. We’ll need to know more about your equipment, communications systems, network, backup, security protection, Internet bandwidth, support services, business growth plans, and desktop environment, to name a few.

Deciding to rely on a third-party to manage some or all of your IT makes perfect sense when you consider the complexities of today’s advancing IT environment.

What Are Some Benefits of IT Managed Services?

Managed IT Services have become popular, as many companies either don’t have the resources or find it cost-prohibiting to hire staff, purchase and maintain expensive equipment, keep software and systems up and running, manage security, and make executive decisions about complex subjects that affect their bottom line.

When you rely on ongoing third-party support for critical IT functions, the likelihood of business continuity increases. Processes are streamlined, systems are maintained, and experts who deal with IT everyday are managing your IT infrastructure.

Some of the benefits associated with managed IT services include:

Predictable Monthly IT Costs

Operational Efficiencies

Proactive Network Monitoring

Regular Software Updates

Reduced Costs in Flat-Fee Billing

24-Hour Support Services

Minimal Downtime

Preventative Network Maintenance

Systems Optimization

For an evaluation of your business and a recommendation for a managed IT services strategy that coincides with your specific business needs, give us a call or schedule a free consultation.

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