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Credit Card Processing Services

Tarna Technologies has the ability to support several types of accounts including:

Take Payments Anywhere

Accept payments wherever customers are: at the counter, table, kiosk or food truck, your website, or at the customer’s home.


Retail / Storefront

If you are conducting business face to face, accepting credit cards is a necessity. Whether you have a store, restaurant or kiosk, we can help your business set up a merchant account so you can accept credit cards for less money than you ever thought possible.


If you have an Internet store or own a retail website, you need online credit card processing. With the help of an online merchant account and credit card payment gateway, you can give your customers the option to purchase goods with the click of the mouse, at any time, day or night.

Mail Order / Telephone Order

If you run a mail order business and / or take credit card payments over the telephone, you are participating in, what we call “MOTO Credit Card Processing”. (MOTO = Mail Order Telephone Order). Essentially, this means that you collect credit cards in an environment where the customer and credit card are not physically present at the time of purchase.


For years the payment options for mobile merchants were limited to either cash or check. Today, wireless credit card machines have given mobile merchants access to the same credit card authorization networks as retail businesses. This new technology has allowed the benefits of security and additional sales to merchants who previously had to handle cash or take the risk of accepting checks. As a bonus, wireless credit card processing is typically faster than traditional landline processing. Dedicated networks have been developed for wireless credit card processing, which can transmit and receive data faster than most cell phone networks.


Value Added Programs

Cash Advance

Could your business benefit from a rapid infusion of cash? If so, we have the solution for you – our cash advance program. Simply let us know how much cash you would like to be advanced. We then review your request based on your average credit card processing volume. Once you are approved, you just sign and return the paperwork and the cash is sent to you within days! It’s that simple. One you receive your funds, we simply deduct a predetermined percentage from your daily Visa and MasterCard receipts until the agreed amount is paid back. The benefits of cash advances include:

Easier and quicker access to cash versus a traditional loan
No requirement of a personal guarantee or collateral
No fees or penalties charged for extended payback times
No hidden costs or fees

Gift and Loyalty

Attract new business, enhance customer relationships and increase revenues. Add value to your business with a customer-centric gift and loyalty program.


Our customized offerings allow you to select the card design, stored value, currency, expiration dates and more.

Complimentary cards: Great when used as a thank you or in response to a poor service experience
Promotional cards: Perfect for special events
Merchandise return cards: Optional method of handling customer credits


Attract new customers and keep existing ones coming back. Put a loyalty program to work for your business today.

Drive repeat business
Enhance customer relationships
Improve your brand perception
Increase overall sales
69% of consumers say their choice of retailer is influenced by where they can earn customer loyalty reward points (source: maritz)

Design a customized loyalty program for your business.

Point rewards: Customers earn points or rewards based on the amount they spend
Frequency rewards: Customers receive a free or discounted item once they’ve reached a predetermined type and quantity of purchases
Discount rewards: Customers get an immediate, fixed discount when they present their loyalty card

Check Processing

Are you interesting in accepting checks, but without assuming the inherent risks? We offer the ability to set-up a check processing account, allowing merchants to authorize a check within seconds, and without any specialized equipment. Another benefit of our check processing service is that it allows you to accept checks without having to purchase any specialized equipment. You run the check verification directly through your credit card terminal, over the phone or through the Internet.


What People Are Saying

“After 35 years in business we have had as you can imagine, have spoken to more processing sales rep than I can remember. Your talking points – no contracts, easy to read statements, next day deposits – were all nice, but they were not what sold me. Rather it was your comment that this was your business for the long haul – to put food on your family’s table – that impressed me the most. If you’ve made that serious a commitment then I can be comfortable knowing you appreciate how important it is to keep a customer – us.”

Rich M

“As you know I don’t usually step out and make a public recommendation but if you, or anyone you know, is in need of a credit card processor, I would highly recommend Matt with Tarna Technologies.

They set up a new account so quickly, painlessly, inexpensively, etc. – it was almost surreal. We have seen an immediate decrease in our costs by nearly $950 per month. They are responsive and genuine and I refer you to their services gladly.”

Trina R

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